As a young girl I had been influenced by many styles and types of glamour. But Old Hollywood style screamed femininity and taught me everything I know today about how to make a woman look and feel glamorous and elegant on her wedding day.

I am the Dee in DeeVa BRIDAL and friends call me fun, nurturing, and a 'calming soul'.

My background and knowledge in health and nutrition allows me to help with skincare and I use toxin-free, vegan and cruelty-free products.
It ALL starts with skincare darling.

Also, my background in 'corporate' has strengthened my organizational, customer service, and communication skills.

A few fun facts about me:
My second passion is animals. ALL animals!!!

I dream of having an animal sanctuary and helping to save animals one day.

Every makeup and/or purchase from DeeVa BRIDAL helps contribute to the wellness and safety of animals in some way.

Born and raised in Queens, NY, I now live in North Jersey with my two rescue poodles, Deeva and Lily.

When I'm not making my brides gorgeous I love to hike, watch old movies, read suspense novels, and dream about that cruise around Alaska I'm going to take one day.
Dark chocolate, black coffee, champagne, pizza...and any type of potatoes make this girl happy.

So if you LOVE glamour, want to be the center of attention on your special day and are passionate about animals, then you’re my bride. Lets chat darling.

- Dee ♥