Indraloka Animal Fundraiser

Hello my friends!

I want to share a quick fundraiser with you for an organization I've quickly come to love.

Indraloka Animal Sanctuary is a hidden gem in Pennsylvania that I want you to know about.

It stands true to its namesake and is a 'heaven on earth' for all of its rescued animals.

Most of their animals, like Jeremiah, have overcome great odds to find their peace at Indraloka.

Having met Jeremiah myself, I have to say, such resilience evidently leads to absolute silliness and is a joy to know exists - he is quite the jokester, chasing his chicken friends, and kissing his favorite horse friend through the fence.

IAS is embarking upon a simple fundraiser:

for 1,008 people to each raise a mere $108 (or more, if so inclined).

I've joined the team and am hoping, at the very least, for you to share my fundraiser page with anyone you know who has compassion for our farm animal friends.

DeeVa Beauty has made a donation  and with a few others have met my initial $108. that I committed to but am trying for more.

Ive posted on my FB page that I am willing to offer 'two' lucky brides a discounted bridal rate for her wedding day makeup of which that money will go to the fundraiser.

If you will help me spread the word, and possibly make a small donation if you can.

$1.00 is not to small to send.

Times are tough and money is hard to come by....I know.

But everyone can spare 1.00 to help Gods children.

I'd be thrilled.

And should you find yourself inclined to join the team and raise your own $108. please do so.

Most of all, I want you all to know about this lovely place.

This sanctuary, this team, these people and these animals...they are good and beautiful and full of heart. They are worthy and deserving and I hope you'll follow their progress and find joy in their success and stories.

And for those that live close by take the ride up, especially with your children.grandchildren and spend the day meeting the animals and teaching your children to respect, and have compassion for them.

Thanks so much for your compassion and considering 'any' support.

My beloved Jeremiah  ♥
My beloved Jeremiah  ♥

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