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You might want to book your trial for the same day as your engagement shoot, bridal shower or any other event. However, depending on when these special days are, you might not want to wait that long to book a trial with a favorite stylist as your wedding date may not be available if you wait too long.

Please ask your vendor how many people you are allowed to bring to the trial. Some have a 1 person only requirement…others will allow you to bring more than one. It is up to you whether you want to go to your trials alone, or to bring a mother or best friend. Whomever you decide to bring, please bring someone that will calmly help offer advice and suggestions and not add extra stress…and leave the fiancés at home. They have no place at hair and makeup trials and seeing you all made up for the first time should be done on your wedding day.

Now, it is important for you to be prepared for your meetings and this includes finding images of makeup and hair styles you like.

Saying to your stylist ..."I just want to look pretty" isn’t really helping us help you look your best and how you envisioned. 

I know you aren’t a makeup artist and you have no idea what you want to look like on your wedding day.  But there are thousands of photos to choose from on Pinterest and many brides now start their own Pinterest boards for hair and makeup looks they like.

I dont want to sound mean, but if you provide absolutely nothing to your vendors to work with then you have no right to be disappointed if you don’t get the' look' you hoped for.

Be realistic though, you do want the looks of the model’s in the photos you choose to have similar features as you, coloring, similar eye shape, hair type and ethnicity, etc.

It is important that you arrive on time for your trial! 
Your trial time is 90 minutes long and when you are late you are not only jeopardizing your beauty services for your wedding by now rushing the trial session, but you are also causing other clients who may follow your appointment time to be off schedule too!

Be mindful of your grooming prior to your makeup and hair trials.
This includes grooming your eye brows and other facial hair.
Failure to exfoliate dry and peeling skin only hinders the makeup application and you won’t see the flawless look you hope for.

Please don’t arrive to a makeup trial with makeup on, and please make sure you remove all traces of eye makeup. No one wants to waste time trying to remove 4 layers of caked on waterproof mascara.

And please be respectful and put your phones away during your trials.
There is nothing more annoying that a bride that is constantly moving and looking down while someone is trying to apply makeup or style her hair.
You want your liner on straight?? and your eyelashes on properly?? …then put the phone away.

Hair trials are usually best done when hair is not freshly washed for better hold so discuss this with your stylist prior to trial.

Make sure you have all hair extensions if these apply to the style you would like, and any tiaras or adornments with you.

For best results you will always want to book your Hair and Make-up consultations on the same day. This allows you to get the full visual on your desired look.

You will always have the option of booking your day with your makeup/hairstylist right after your trial. But should you wish to go home and get others opinions and think about it please note that a signed contract and retainer is required to secure your event date. 

Wedding dates are not held just because you came for a trial.
You should discuss with your stylist how long you have before your wedding date will be released and available for other bookings.

So please follow up with your stylists if you choose to not sign right then and there.

Many makeup/hair stylists will contact you a day or so after your trials or will ask you to contact them to see how everything held up and any issues that have arisen afterwards that need to be adjusted before the big day. If you provide them with no follow up information, they are likely to assume everything is OK, and your wedding day is not the time to discuss changes or any concerns.


If you are uncertain or change your mind of your ‘look’ please get in touch with your stylist a.s.a.p.

Most things can be adjusted without another trial if they are small matters. But it is worth the price of a full retrial for a whole different look to better assess your new ideas and options compared to the first. Chancing it to the day of can lead to a disaster.

Please be open minded to your artist’s recommendations and suggestions for you.

Remember, wedding day makeup is not ‘every day’ makeup and your stylists are professionals and do this all the time. They know about color intensities and how things will read on camera and in different lighting situations.  What you may see and what a photo sees are two completely different things as well.

You are paying a small fortune for this wedding of your dreams, don’t leave your makeup and hair to chance by not choosing a professional for these services, not being prepared, and not being open minded enough to try different things, stepping out of your comfort zone to try a new ‘look’. 

Your wedding photos are the only thing that will be left over for years to come to preserve these memories. 

You want to make sure you look your BEST in them.

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DeeVa Beauty

You dreamed about this day since …well, forever. So how important is your face on your wedding day?

Will you love your wedding photos when you look back on them for years to come? 

All eyes are on YOU on your wedding day.

YOU are the star of the show.

What could possibly be more important than the way YOU look?

You waited your whole life for this moment....and you are not going to use a professional? 

There is so much more to professional makeup than meets the eye.

A professional knows how colors work. Whether or not to use a certain color does not depend on trends. It depends on chemistry between one's skin, the cosmetics, and the lighting.

A professional knows which colors make your particular eye color ‘pop’!

A professional understands that shimmer reflects light and that it must be placed carefully.

Do you know what powders NOT to use so it won’t produce ‘flashback’ and make you look shiny when the camera takes your pic?

Do you know how to layer and set your makeup so it lasts all day?

Do you know what colors go with others?

A professional knows how to achieve glowing, flawless skin, chooses the best lip color for your personality, and chooses the right products for oily skin vs. dry skin, etc.

A professional is makeup educated. Regularly attends professional makeup shows and seminars and receives the latest updates and stays current on new makeup products, techniques, and news.

A professional uses only top quality camera ready cosmetics and products with the highest percentage of pigment in them…and knows the right tools to apply them properly.

But a professional isn’t there just to do your makeup, a true professional helps you with your skin care needs to get your skin in top shape.

Remember your makeup will only look as good as your skin is underneath it.

And a professional is there to keep you calm and keep you relaxed on your special day and knows how to schedule the day to make everything run smoothly.

So please keep all of this in mind when you are planning your wedding and examining your budget.

How much are you spending on your Gown? Flowers? Invitations? Decorations?

Will you be excited about your wedding album and the glorious entrance you made down the aisle?

Your makeup and hair should rise UP to your gown and flowers and décor.

Whether you choose me or another makeup artist, at least realize that ANYONE can post a profile and say they are a makeup artist....and quote you really low prices...but it is true that you get what you pay for.


Make sure they have been in business for several years and have testimonials and references from past satisfied clients.

If someone doesn’t even have a professional website that shows who they are, their credentials, and their work.....MOVE ON!!! 

I have been called at the last minute by many a bride who was abandoned a week before her big day when a ‘fly by night’ business closed shop unexpectedly because they weren’t professional, established, or passionate about this business.

And don't ask a cousin or a neighbor to do your makeup just to save some $.


Good work ain't cheap...and cheap work ain't good!!!

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9 Tips on How To Be a Glamorous Bride

Not every girl longs to be a ‘glamorous’ bride.

There are still those who want to stay modest and demure.

But for brides looking to add a little to 'glam' their style… here are a few ideas for you. 

1. Choose a plunging dress

If you are blessed with a sexy back, the classiest way to show off some skin in a wedding gown is with a backless dress. The daringly low lines look modest from the front, but catch all eyes from the back. And it goes so well with #2


2. A Back Necklace

This new trend pairs perfectly with idea #1.

The back jewelry is a sexy and elegant way to accentuate your back.

This is the jewelry to wear when you have an up-do or short hairstyle.

Complement that plunge with a little bit of sparkle, or my # 3 suggestion….Pearls.


3. Pearls! 

Pearls are more than just jewels. Since the beginning of time, pearls have been revered as one of the world's most beautiful and magical gems. Today, cultured pearls are the foundation of every woman's jewelry wardrobe.

Fashionable and feminine, cultured pearls truly enhance a woman's style.

Rich, classy, and every ‘lady’ since the beginning of time has worn them.

A simple cultured pearl necklace can take a woman through every moment in her life, every outfit in her wardrobe. The possibilities are endless.


4. Bird Cage Veil

Chic, Classic, and timeless. They’re simply beautiful and scream 'Hollywood glamour', sophistication and elegance. The fabulous bird cage veil can be worn and adapted to suit your personal style and taste. You can have the simple net veil covering your entire face, positioned just below the eyes or covering your head completely – it’s entirely up to you.

You can even dye the netting to any color you want!

Ivory, classic white, black, red, pink, yellow, etc for a ‘pop’ of color!


  5. Gloves

The ultimate elegant accessory.

Along with pearls, it is the one accessory you will have seen EVERY Old Hollywood actress wearing.

Gloves were worn everywhere in the 1950s and completed a woman's grooming. 

Without gloves she was not properly accessorized. 

Clean gloves were also the hallmark of a lady and white or cream was the most favored. 

The formality of wearing gloves even continued into the sixties but sadly you don’t see much of it anymore now.

However, there are few things as glamorous as a fabulous pair of gloves.

Wrist-length, elbow length & opera-length gloves for weddings, proms, or debutante balls in silk or white leather. They add sophistication to your bridal style.

However, you are certainly not limited to traditional gloves. 

Again, a pop of color can add an element of surprise to a traditional white bridal dress. 

I love the look of black opera length gloves to complete a white gown.


6. RED

Gone are the days where the bride must wear all white.

Hey, it’s YOUR wedding, and that means YOU get to do what YOU want....the heck with tradition.

And what can be more glamorous than walking down the aisle in a red bridal gown.

Definitely not for the ‘shy’ bride.

Red is for the bride that is confident and WANTS attention!! And believe me, she will get it.


7. Bling!

Seriously, who doesn't love some Bling!?

Its very glamorous to shimmer, shine and sparkle. But do it in a classy and feminine way.

The possibilities are endless, from a statement necklace or bracelet, a statement hair comb, or even stunning shoes.

And when in doubt of whether to wear bling or pearls...hey, just combine the two.

Go big or go home!!


8. Go for sultry eyes

Now, those that know me know this is my most favorite makeup look.

Smokey, glamorous eyes, flirty lashes, and a soft, pouty lip.

DeeVa Beauty Makeup and Hair
DeeVa Beauty Makeup and Hair

 9. Wear sexy lingerie

Even if no one else sees them you’ll know you what sort of sexy underthings you have on, and it will make you feel fabulous all day. Just like wearing perfume, putting on high heels, or doing your makeup, sexy lingerie makes you feel flirty, feel sexy, feel ultra-feminine and that will make you walk and stand with confidence and come across in all your photos.  


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Avoid These Eight Beauty Mistakes on Your Wedding Day!


Make sure you start a proper skin care regime several weeks before your day to get your skin in top shape.

This includes eating right, and getting the proper vitamins for your skin.


Not getting enough water will leave you and your skin dehydrated. Water also helps you clean your system so it goes without saying that you skin will look radiant if you flush out all the toxins. And if all that wasn’t enough to make you want to drink….water is essential for losing body fat.


The last thing you want is to see your mascara streaking down your face in all your photographs.


Most are sensitive to getting a facial, especially if you have never had one before. Avoid the red flare-ups that are common by having your last facial at least a week prior to your day.


Too much salt causes fluid retention, not only in your body, but in your eyes and skin. You will wake up with puffy eyes, as with two much alcohol also. If this is the case, put a cold compress on your eyes for 10 minutes, and any eye gel with some caffeine as a main ingredient will also help.


Obviously if you are not familiar with doing your own hair and makeup and your wedding day is the first time you are going to glam it up, you should definitely consult with a professional. Your wedding day is not the time to save $ on the biggest day of your life. Your photos and your memories are forever. Don’t you want to be the most confident and gorgeous?

A professional will help with the right colors, application, and tricks to make it last all day.



As a continuation to # 6…..definitely DO WEAR MAKEUP. Not just your regular everyday makeup. This is your time to ‘GLAM IT UP’ a little…or a lot.

It’s your BIG DAY….be a star.

Walk down the aisle looking and feeling ‘special’. A professional will show you how to be glamorous but still look like YOU!

And if you are not the type to wear false eyelashes or some makeup normally, then please do some practice runs before your big day so you feel confident and comfortable with everything.

This goes for artificial nails as well.


Yes we know you are excited but it is so important for you to not do anything the night before but rest, relax and just dream happy thoughts about how gorgeous you will be, and how happy your new life is going to be.

Shower, listen to soothing music, sip some tea.…(no alcohol remember?), and just relax. Mediation, yoga, poetry, whatever it is that will get you to dose off for a full 8 hours.

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