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Even Barbie has had a 'GLAM' shoot...what are YOU waiting for??

When I first started my business I intended for it to be a combination of 'boss women motivation' along with 'beauty inspiration'

Your self-love begins to externalize itself in many forms, and one way that I've found to boost your self- love is seeing the outer beauty in yourself.

That in turn gives you the self-confidence and motivation to go out and rock the world and be a boss woman.

At its core value of what I stand for…I am passionate about women feeling confident and empowered.Empowered women can change the world!!!!

Whether a bride, a CEO of a big company, or a teenager just starting to wear makeup, I want you to shine.  

To see your Goddess like qualities. 

To see and ‘feel’ your POWER!!!

Glamour photography celebrates and worships the feminine mystique,

as well as the beauty and sensuality of the women.

And EVERY celebrity…

male and female, young and old, Old Hollywood and New Hollywood, has had one.

Here are 25 reasons why YOU need to do one too!!!

Jayne Mansfield
Jayne Mansfield
Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor
Ava Gardner
Ava Gardner
Gene Tierney
Gene Tierney
Lauren Bacall
Lauren Bacall
Grace Kelly
Grace Kelly
Natalie Wood
Natalie Wood
Farrah Fawcett
Farrah Fawcett
Anna Nicole Smith
Anna Nicole Smith
Audrey Hepburn
Audrey Hepburn
Sophia Loren
Sophia Loren
Britney Spears
Britney Spears
Helen Mirren
Helen Mirren
Julianne Moore
Julianne Moore
Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron
Salma Hayek
Salma Hayek
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift
Sharon Stone
Sharon Stone
Anjelina Jolie
Anjelina Jolie
Meryl Streep
Meryl Streep
Jamie Lee Curtis
Jamie Lee Curtis
Betty White
Betty White

My goodness.....even BARBIE has had a GLAM shoot!!!.........wearing 'faux' fur of course.


See yourself that way just once and you ‘get it’ is life changing and life affirming.

We spend our lives worshiping other females and putting others up on a pedestal admiring and wishing we could have their bodies, their lives, their clothes, and their ‘stuff’.

We follow celebrities on Instagram, we buy magazines they are on the covers of.

We are always seeking approval of some kind and searching for validation in all the wrong places.

We are always seeking ‘something’, though never really finding it.

In new shoes, new hand bags, in a new lipstick.

In a new ....’something’.

But the truth is you will never find it outside yourself.

And we somehow ALWAYS manage to come up with the money for all these ‘other’ things.

We always seem to find the money for this and for that.

But investing in you?  NO WAY!!!

I can’t stress this enough.


These are life-altering moments and lifetime memories!!

So I ask you.....its good enough for others...but not for you ???

“The most important investment you can make is in yourself.

Nobody can tax it or take it away from you”  ~Warren Bufett

And in case you still need convincing... I did my own GLAMOUR 60!!!

My gift to myself for turning 60 this year.

My gift to myself for turning 60 this year.

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A BOUDOIR SHOOT? know you want too!!


A woman’s dressing room, bedroom, or private sitting room.

A boudoir session can be the best gift for the love in your life ...or just for yourself.

Just imagine a little black book that reflects the beautiful, confident and sexy side of you.

Boudoir portraits are for all women of any age, shape, and size and ‘beautiful’ or ‘sexy’ doesn't just fit one mold.

We are all beautiful and sexy in our own way. Having confidence and believing in yourself is what makes fantastic pictures. Don’t keep putting it off till you are the‘perfect’ weight.

Hey, curvy looks best in this type of photography anyway.. (and in real life in my opinion!)

Boudoir is for all age ranges and personality types. Whether you are softly feminine, a naughty devil, or a sultry, glamour diva, boudoir is for ALL women.

But let’s face it; most people don’t enjoy having their photos taken. So you can imagine how that discomfort must increase when they decide to do a boudoir shoot in their underwear. Never fear, I am here to give you a few simple tips on preparing for your boudoir shoot.

First of all, Boudoir has gained a reputation for being trashy or common but this isn't true.

Boudoir done right is sexy, tasteful, and very sensual......... as it should be.

Boudoir does not necessarily need to mean lingerie shots or showing a lot of skin, and your photographer will be able to make you look sexy in even a pretty dress or sweater, exposing not to much.

Your boudoir session is all about having fun, getting glammed up, dressed up, letting your hair down and forgetting about little insecurities.

Treating yourself to new lingerie and beauty treatments before the session is a definite excitement and confidence builder!


How to prepare for your Boudoir shoot

Do your nails and toes. It’s a good excuse for a spa day. Get a good mani/pedi.

Chipped polish is not sexy.

Your nails don’t have to be long, just a nice manicure. Color is optional. It’s usually best to stick with a color that’s fairly neutral, so it doesn’t clash with any of your outfits.

But if it is your personality to love bold colored nails…go for it!!

Hair. It’s best to have a cut you like and to be mindful of your roots. Make sure you have timed your appt with your stylist correctly. Depending on your hairstyling, this could be either the day before or directly before your photography session.

Don’t change your style or color right before a session.

If you tan, the most important thing is an even skin tone. But don’t overdo!

You will not feel sexy with a painful sunburn!

Do apply lotion.

By keeping your skin super moisturized, you will create a natural glow to your skin.

Please make sure you exfoliate your skin...all over from face to toes...a day or two before.

Get a professional eyebrow waxing...also a few days prior, not the day before.

Shave your legs and take care of your bikini area.

You may not be exposing this area…. but YOU will feel sexier, and THAT will show in the photo.

If you normally work out or are active, you know what activities will help you to feel sexy and lean. Do that the day before, but not the day of. Your muscles actually swell after a heavy workout.

Schedule your session taking into account your ‘cycle’ .

You will feel sexier without your monthly visitor.

If you’re worried about your mid-section, watch what you eat and drink.

There are certain foods and drinks that can cause bloating so try to avoid those for a day or two before your shoot. Limit your sugar and salt intake. Salads and fish a few days prior.

Limit your carbs....pasta, bread these retain water.

It is good idea to have a little something in your stomach before the session.

Also, if you want a glass of wine/champagne to relax you, you really need to eat a little.

What to Wear to Your Boudoir Shoot

Don’t wear any tight clothing especially underwear. These will leave pressure marks in your skin and they take awhile to disappear.

The best thing to wear is a but­ton down shirt so your make-up and hair will not be messed dur­ing wardrobe changes. You can slip in and out easily.

Arrive with a clean face with no makeup on.


What to bring to your shoot

Everybody has different tastes in lingerie and this can be very personal to some people.

Always bring what you are comfortable wearing as being confident and comfortable has a big affect on the outcome of your images.

Look at magazines to see what you like. Go through your closet and your friend’s closets!

What does your partner like? What do you like about your body?

Use lingerie and other clothing to show off.

Treat yourself to some pretty lingerie.

You will probably never do anything like this again so really make an event out of it. Treat yourself to some beautiful lingerie. Not only will this make your photos more interesting, it will boost your confidence, making you look your best. Be sure to try the lingerie on beforehand, and maybe bring a friend with you to the dressing room that will be totally honest.

Plan on three or four outfits changes for a two hour session. (Discuss this with your photographer before hand)

  • Corsets
  • Killer push up bra
  • Boy shorts
  • Stockings/garter belts
  • High Heels
  • Men’s white shirt
  • Shawls
  • Bikinis
  • Brides tiaras, veil, wedding lingerie
  • Gloves
  • Fishnets
  • Hats
  • Jewelry
Glam 6.jpg

Bring extra shoes

Bring the appro­pri­ate shoes to com­plete an outfit but also pack extra shoes.

You never know what may occur with shoes in regards to the heel.

Fur­ther­more, if the shoes hurt halfway through your session then have an alter­na­tive option avail­able with you.

But remember...stilettos..stilettos...stilettos.

Nothing makes you feel or move sexier than a sexy high heel show.

Hair and Makeup

Unless you know how to do camera-ready make-up on yourself, then professional make-up for your boudoir shoot is a must! Having the hair and make-up stylist is a fantastic experience, and it is nice to be pampered, especially if you are going out afterwards!

Makeup can be as natural and fresh, or sexy and smoldering as you wish.


False Lashes!!

You may think they look somewhat fake in real life and you may feel weird wearing them.

However, in the photos they make a HUGE difference. You actually don’t really notice them in the pictures, but you will notice their effect. They accentuate your eyes. These are a must-have.

Trust me…they will make you feel glamorous and sexy!!

Most women will have never seen themselves styled; posing in beautiful lingerie, hair and makeup done, so you have to be prepared to see yourself in a different light.

Arrive early

Pack your costumes, lingerie and any props the day before. No rushing around at the last minute packing your bags.

Leave the house early the day of the shoot. You do not want to arrive fran­tic and stressed from deal­ing with traf­fic for these emo­tions may carry over into your pic­tures. You want your images to relay a pos­i­tive energy not a stren­u­ous facial and body expres­sion. Your body should be relaxed and not tense.

Some boudoir photographers will allow you to bring a friend with you to your shoot. Be sure you ask your photographer to find out their policies. You could also ask about boudoir parties.


A boudoir shoot is about YOU!!

Enjoy it to the fullest. Embrace the glam­our behind it and chan­nel your inner sen­sual diva mak­ing the pho­to­graph a com­plete success.

As the client, you have full control over how much skin you do (or do not) want to show off.

You can bare as little or as much as you wish, remember, a good photographer knows how to hide your flaws.

You will of course be a little nervous about your photo shoot. Most women feel a little trepidation when they are thinking about their boudoir session because this is something that is completely out of their comfort zone.

You will start with some easy poses. This will help you relax and gain confidence. As your photography session progresses you’ll do more elaborate posing. You’ll be surprised how easy it is. You can be as tame or bold as you wish.

Don't be nervous.

I promise you, you will look FABULOUS. Your insecurities will melt as you get in front of the camera. This is your time to feel sexy so you need to relax and have fun! Nervousness and lack of self-confidence will show up on your photos. Just remind yourself that no matter how you THINK you look, you will look amazing in the end. Again, your photographer knows how to hide your flaws.

Do push yourself to go a little bit outside of your comfort zone during the shoot.

Some girls think they will stay totally covered up during the entire shoot. Of course, you can if you want. But many girls, once they are in the swing of it and having fun, decide to get a little naughty. I’m not talking about totally nude or anything, but maybe a hint of nudity. You want your photos tasteful and classy, but some of the best shots come when you let down your guard a little. And remember, your photos would never be posted without your permission.

Lastly, you’re mental ATTITUDE! It will show in the photos.

THIS is the key to good Boudoir Photography.

You have to feel good about yourself.

You have to feel sexy.

You have to trust your photographer.

Need some ideas on how to pose??

Just Google

Old Hollywood pinups or Gil Elvgren,the great American ‘pin up‘ artist or just go on Pinterest and type in Boudoir.

Remember these words as you pose:

tease,flirty, playful, sultry, sexy, glamour, sensuous.

Look at this as a once-in-a-lifetime investment.

Most of you will never do anything like this again so the photos you receive from it will be a keepsake that should last forever. How fun will it be to show your daughter/granddaughter (when their older of course!) how beautiful you looked and what a nice gift you gave to your husband!

I’ve never met a lady who said, “Gee, I wish I didn’t get gorgeous, sexy photos of myself taken!”

I had a blast when I did mine, and I would do it all over again in a heart beat. If I could do it every month I would...hey, there is so many different outfits, lingerie, shoes, and jewelry to choose from.

So treat yourself to a confidence boosting shoot today that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

It is empowering ...and you will look at yourself differently when you see how gorgeous you are.

No matter who you are doing this boudoir shoot for, deep down it is really for YOU!!

They may be going to someone else, but the experience itself is ALL yours.

Have fun, tease, flirt…. and WORK IT!!

Interested in doing a shoot??? YAY!! ...Just get in touch with me!

All Makeup on this page done by Deirdre Mahon of DeeVa Beauty

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Al Ojeda

Diego Molina

Marjorie Raggo

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